Transfer conversion

iSynBio aims to form industrial clusters and build leading enterprises by promoting technology transformation and incubating startup companies. In the fields of medicine and health, we will construct non-natural drug synthesis pathways, disrupt the traditional production model of the pharmaceutical industry, develop gene editing technologies, and enable new treatment methods to address major human diseases. In the fields of resources and environment, we will explore new ideas for resource development, eliminate major bottlenecks in resource development, disrupt the traditional model of environmental management, and build new pollution treatment systems that integrate monitoring, aggregation, and degradation functions. In the field of energy and chemical engineering, we will manufacture clean fuels and innovate new ways for energy production, and create green chemical synthesis pathways to promote the transformation and upgrade of the chemical industry. In the field of material manufacturing, we will synthesize new functional materials to meet major industrial needs, and develop biological computers to lay the hardware foundation for a new phase of information technology revolution.

iSynBio will set up an international synthetic biology industrial technology transfer base (limited liability company), and build a professional, market-oriented, and international new technology transfer platform that will integrate talents, technology, industry, and capital resources.