Scientifically Plan Advanced Biofoundry (Shenzhen), Practically Demonstrate the Feasibility of Project Implementation, and Actively Promote the Localization of Industrial Equipment

In order to promote the Advanced Biofoundry (Shenzhen), full consultation with experts in the field is required to ensure the rationality of facility design, optimize facility construction plans, promote the localization rate of facilities and equipment, and lead the project. The Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, co-constructed the Shenzhen Second People's Hospital and Shenzhen Huada Life Science Research Institute organized a scientific consultant consultation meeting on "Advanced Biofoundry (Shenzhen)" and a seminar on localization of facilities and equipment in May.


The scientific advisory conference is focus on the preparation of feasibility research plans for large-scale facility projects, and aims to fully consult expert opinions and suggestions to promote the construction of large-scale facilities into a scientific, advanced, shared, and practical area in the field of synthetic biology Scientific research platform.